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Executive Outcomes is coming soon!

Hermes Press is proud to announce that their original graphic novel, Executive Outcomes, has arrived! Executive Outcomes is based on a true story that has been adapted by Nick Bicanic, who has directed and produced Shadow Company, a LEO Award-winning documentary about mercenaries, and a script by M. Zachary Sherman. This title received a Staff Pick from Previews in May 2015, the solicitation magazine for Diamond Comics.


From Steve Leaf’s review of the graphic novel:

“Were I to mention "Africa" and "Hermes Press," you would initially think of The Phantom, not a story based on true events in that area of the world. Executive Outcomes is a departure from the norm for Hermes Press and a great start into their expansion beyond their collections of classic comic strips and comic books.

Based on a true story by Nick Bicanic (director and producer of Shadow Company, a LEO Award-winning documentary about mercenaries), with script by M. Zachary Sherman and art by Emmanuel Xerx Javier, Executive Outcomes is an action-packed story of mercenaries who are contracted to bring stability to the war-torn West African country of Sierra Leone. Given recent events throughout Africa and the countries fighting groups like Boko Haram, this story has a feeling of authenticity and not an episode of Strike Back. This is real action to the max.

Major Cobus Claassens, commander of a team of 150 mercenaries, quickly discovers that no amount of soldiering can prepare his men for the vicious arena of butchery, treachery, and mounting political pressures his soldiers will experience while trying to do what is just. What difference does winning make if they lose their humanity in the process? Do you stick your head in the sand and let genocide occur or do you try and make a difference to a people?

While this is not the usual book from Hermes, I am more than happy to make space for this in my collection, not with my G.I. Joes but with Eisner’s Last Day in Vietnam, Kubert’s Yossel, and Max Brook’s Harlem Hellfighters.”

Get it now at http://hermespress.com/products/executive-outcomes

Several book shipments have arrived!

Hermes Press has gotten in the final shipment of Executive Outcomes, Scratch9, and both the regular and limited edition versions of The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren. Expect all of those books to ship shortly from where ever you bought them! And if you haven’t ordered any of these fine titles yet…what are you waiting for? http://tinyurl.com/carllundgren, http://tinyurl.com/phzmv6a, http://tinyurl.com/Scratch9novel. Look forward to a new video from our publisher, Dan Herman, soon for all of these wonderful titles!

Invading the SDCC!

We have been having an AMAZING SDCC! We love this convention, and all of the excitement that comes along with it!

If you haven't stopped by, we're at booth #1821!

During the weekend we'll be having the author of Executive Outcomes, Nick Bicanic, sitting at our booth with giveaway goodies! He will be at the booth Friday from 3-4pm, so be sure to stop by and see his amazing graphic novel!

Rob Worley, the author of Scratch9, will also be at the booth to talk to fans about his title- check back soon for listing hours!

Make sure to drop by our panel tomorrow in Room 9 from 12-1pm!

"This panel kicks off the debut (at Comic-Con) of Trina Robbins's new book Babes in Arms: Women in the Comics During World War Two. The panel will begin with a video presentation about the artists and their work featured in this all new history. Trina (Women in the Comics, Pretty in Ink) will lead a discussion about women artists during the 1940s and afterward. Joining her are Ramona Fradon (Metamorpho, Brenda Starr), Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (comics historian, co-author Lost Hero), Maggie Thompson (Comic Buyers Guide), and Daniel Herman (publisher, Hermes Press, Silver Age: the Second Generation of Comic Artists), who will talk about these early pioneers in comic books and their impact on generations of women artists and writers in the business."

We're coming to the San Diego Comic Con!

Get ready for Hermes Press at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con everyone! This year is going to be more exciting than ever, and Hermes Press is proud to present ALL NEW SDCC exclusives: A Limited Edition of 75 of our Phantom Sundays Archive, with a special plate signed and numbered by Phantom artist Sal Velluto — perfect for framing! This edition also includes a special jacket, and, of course, the SDCC exclusive logo! We are also offering comic book packs of our popular Phantom comic book by Peter David and Sal Velluto: Get all 16 covers (four regular, twelve variants) of issue #1, and all 4 variants plus the original cover of issues #2 and #3! Only available at the San Diego Comic Con, at our booth #1821!


If you love our books, make sure to stop by our booth to get your copy of Brenda Starr the Collected Dailies and Sundays signed by comics historian Trina Robbins (who wrote the book’s definitive Introduction), and pick up copies of the Eisner Nominated Volumes One and Two of Walt Kelly’s Pogo: the Complete Dell Comics!


It gets even better from there! Make sure to come to our amazing panel, "A Celebration of Women Artists in the Comics During World War Two" which features its author Trina Robbins as well as panelists Ramona Fradon, Maggie Thompson, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, and Daniel Herman. This panel is on Friday from 12:00-1:00 in Room 9!


We’ll also be premiering Rob Worley’s supercat Scratch9 in his first OGN!  Come by and chat with Rob Worley and artist Joshua Buchanan and pick up a free Scratch9 convention special!


Also premiering is Executive Outcomes, a Previews Staff Pick which is garnering critical praise everywhere; it’s a powerful original graphic novel which presents an action-packed story of mercenaries hired to bring stability to the war-torn African country of Sierra Leone.  Meet authors Nick Bicanic and Zack Sherman and pick up a free convention special!


We are also featuring multiple signings of our artists and authors during the weekend- please check by our booth and our ad in the convention guide for dates and times!


We hope to see you all at our favorite convention, the San Diego Comic Con!


Alex Raymond Monograph to be published by Hermes Press

Alex Raymond: An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance by Ron Goulart; ISBN #978-1-61345-091-8; 10 by 13 inches; portrait format, full color; over 400 illustrations many scanned from the original artwork; 304 page deluxe hardcover with printed endpapers; available in October; $75.


Alex Raymond was one of the most influential comic strip artists of the 20th Century, creating action-packed art for Secret Agent X-9, the spectacular, classic imagery for Flash Gordon, and the nuanced, brilliant artwork for the detective/film-noiresque Rip Kirby.  Now, for the first time, Hermes Press presents a comprehensive, definitive, art monograph covering Raymond’s complete artistic output with an authoritative text by noted comics historian Ron Goulart.  This new exhaustive full color art book features over 400 images, many scanned directly from Raymond’s original artwork, and is being published under license from King Features as part of their 100th anniversary celebration.

     See original artwork from Raymond’s work on Secret Agent X-9, Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, and Rip Kirby together with numerous examples of his earliest strip artwork, commercial illustration, and more.

     This extra large format art book is presented in a 10 by 13 inch size, so collectors can savor every detail of Raymond’s artistic genius.

Executive Outcomes graphic novel to be published by Hermes Press!

Hermes Press is proud to announce their new original graphic novel, Executive Outcomes, which is based on true events.
TITLE: Executive Outcomes

War doesn’t determine who is right. War determines who is left.

(based on the explosive true story of the private military company Executive outcomes)

Major Cobus Claassens commands a team of 150 mercenaries contracted to bring stability to the war-torn West African country of Sierra Leone. Battling overwhelming odds, Cobus and his men train and fight alongside a small contingent of soldiers against a murderous band of 15,000 rebel fighters bent on genocide.

No amount of soldiering has prepared the men for the vicious arena of butchery, treachery and mounting political pressure they experience while trying to do what is just.

What difference does winning make - if they lose their humanity in the process?

With a story by Nick Bicanic (Director and Producer of the 4x LEO award winning documentary about mercenaries “Shadow Company”), a script written by M. Zachary Sherman (IDW’s America’s Army), and art by Emmanuel Xerx Javier (BOOM! Studio’s Nightbreed) - Executive Outcomes is a politically charged and action-packed story that captures the real-life events of a few good men accomplishing impossible deeds.

Babes in Arms to be published by Hermes Press!

Coming soon from Hermes Press! Babes in Arms, written by famed comics historian Trina Robbins, is a collection of classic World War II heroines by artists such as Jill Elgin, Lily Renee, Barbara Hall, and Fran Hopper! 

BABES IN ARMS: WOMEN IN THE COMICS DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR by Trina Robbins; ISBN #1-61345-095-6; $60; 7.75 x 10.25 inches; hardcover; all color; collects classic World War II women fighting heroes by artists Barbara Hall, Jill Elgin, Lily Renee, and Fran Hopper; over 300 pages of action packed adventure! 

During the Golden Age of comics publishers offered titles supporting the war effort — presenting fighting men and their feminine counterparts — babes in arms!  Comic books during this period featured US service-women fighting all of the axis bad guys and gave several of the most noteworthy women artists of the era opportunities to create action-packed, adventure filled four color stories.  Now for the first time renowned pop-culture historian Trina Robbins assembles comic book stories by artists Barbara Hall, Jill Elgin, Lily Renee, and Fran Hopper together with insightful commentary and loads of documentary extras to create the definitive book chronicling the work of these important Golden Age artists.  This magnificent art book offers page after page of good girl action!   


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