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Book Sample: Alex Raymond

For any interested parties/reviewers: A 51 page sample of our newest incoming book, Alex Raymond:  An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance!


Pre-Order Alex Raymond: An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance today!

Alex Raymond was one of the most influential comic strip artists of the 20th Century, creating action-packed art for Secret Agent X-9, the spectacular, classic imagery for Flash Gordon, and the nuanced, brilliant artwork for the detective/film-noiresque Rip Kirby.

Now, for the first time, Hermes Press presents a comprehensive, definitive, art monograph covering Raymond's complete artistic output with an authoritative text by noted comics historian Ron Goulart.

Buy it now at http://tinyurl.com/alexraymond

Video Promo: The Phantom #5 comic book

Check out this video from publisher Dan Herman as he explains what's awesome in our newest comic, the Phantom #5, coming soon to a comic shop near you!

Pre-order today at http://hermes-press.myshopify.com/produ…/phantom-5-pre-order

Award Nomination: Scratch9 Cat of Nine Worlds!

Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds has been nominated for the prestigious Cybils Awards in the "Graphic Novels Elementary/Middle" category!


Video Promo: Mandrake the Magician The Complete King Years: Volume One

Publisher Daniel Herman gives details about Hermes Press's newest title – Mandrake the Magician The Complete The King Years: Volume One.

Book Update: New Shipment! Brenda Starr Pre-Code Volume 2!

We just got in the complete shipment of the Brenda Starr Pre-Code

Volume 2: Good Girls, Cheesecake, and Other Delectable Things has arrived at Hermes Press, and is being shipped out to our distributor!

If you haven't ordered it yet...what are you waiting for? Get in on the action! 

November 17, 2015


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Big Sale: Black Friday

Get ready to start your countdown to the PHANtastic Hermes Press Black Friday Sale!

Over the next week or so we will slowly give clues to what our sale is going to entail- but be assured it'll be something worthy of a MAGICIAN. And perhaps you'll grab some great booty, like a PIRATE? 

Are you guys getting an idea of what will be going on sale? Would you HAZARD a guess?

Be sure to check back to our blog and front page all of Black Friday to get all the greatest deals - That way you'll get the best MALE CALL of your life! (see what we did there?)

Video Promo: Brenda Starr Pre-Code Volume 2

Publisher Dan Herman tells you all about our Brenda Starr Pre-Code Volume Two in this new video. 

Pre-order the book here: http://tinyurl.com/q2dxfo9

First Look: Mandrake the Magician: The Complete King Years Volume 2

Here's the first look at the second volume of Mandrake the Magician: The Complete Series The King Years! We want everyone to know how excited we are about Volume 1- We couldn't even wait to show you Volume 2!

First Look: Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics Volume 4

Coming soon: Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics Volume 4! See the cover of our next edition of Pogo for the very first time! Pre-orders will be up soon, as well as other information about Pogo Volume 4.