March 29, 2024: 
Mandrake and The Phantom

While we know it has been a while since we announced the Mandrake the Magician Dailies reprint, Volume 1, we are excited to say that the advanced copies have arrived. What does that mean? Well, it means the title has been printed and is currently in transit to our warehouse. 

When this title was initially announced, we were unaware these first few stories would be continued challenge. This title represents many hours of work from the Hermes Press team and we are proud to showcase this final product. A quick flip through video can be found on the product page. 

As an additional tidbit for those who read these update notes, Mandrake Vol. 2 is already complete and heading to the printer, so the delay we had for this volume will not be a thing. We expect Mandrake Vol. 2 to arrive mid-summer. 

Phantom 31 has just arrived this past week and orders are being shipped.

Phantom 32 is coming right after, arriving with Mandrake Vol. 1. Pre-orders are now available for this title and we expect both titles to arrive in April/May. Happy reading! 



February 23, 2024:
The Life & Art of Mort Walker Kickstarter

As we have done in the past with a few other titles, we are working with Kickstarter to help fund one of our projects. This project, The Art of Mort Walker, features both a regular and limited edition. 

More information on the cost of the product and what each offers is available directly on the Kickstarter. Good news is this book is complete and we are just waiting to see if the goal can be met to send off to the printer. 

Check out the Kickstarter here: 
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