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Video Promo: The Phantom Dailies Volume 9

Check out this video of publisher Daniel Herman giving an in-depth look at the newest addition to the Phantom Dailies, Volume 9! Herman also discusses several upcoming projects in this video, so check it out!

Book Update: Advance copies of Phantom Dailies Vol 9

Hermes Press just received the advance shipment of The Phantom: The Complete Dailies Volume 9! That means that the rest of the shipment will be arriving in the U.S. shortly, so make sure to get your pre-order in today! Click the image today to order yours!

Convention Report: Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles

Scratch9 creator Rob Worley is attending Comikaze Expo 2015, and he has copies of Scratch9 just waiting to be bought and autographed! Make sure to stop by his table H09 at the con!

If you can't go to the show and still haven't bought your copy of Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds, but it here!

Book Update! New Pre-Orders for The Phantom!

We have just added two NEW pre-orders to the site– The Phantom The Complete Series: The Charlton Years Volume 5, and The Phantom The Complete Sundays: Volume 3 1945-1949. Be sure to order a copy today to make sure you get yours as fast as possible! Click the respective images to order!

Digital Comics Update! The Phantom #4

If you haven't ordered your physical copy or can't wait to read the newest installment in our Phantom comic, make sure to download a copy from Comixology today! 

Order it and subscribe to the the series at Comixology: http://tinyurl.com/q9wdf37

Website Update! Get your books while they're hot!

We have updated the website! Now available for pre-order: Johnny Hazard The Newspaper Dailies Volume 4! And now available to order: The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 8! Click on either of the images to go to their product page.

Comic Update: New Shipments!

We have recently received the bulk shipment for The Phantom Issue #4 and for Walt Kelly's Pogo Volume 3. If you have pre-ordered these from us, they will be shipping shortly! 

First look at the Phantom Issue #4 cover!

For the first time ever, check out the NEW Sal Velluto cover of the Phantom Issue #4, due out next month! 

New Books: Get them while they're hot!

If you haven't ordered yet- Get them while they're hot! Our newest items: The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren (http://hermespress.com/…/the-psychedelic-rock-art-of-carl-l…), Scratch9 Cat of Nine Worlds (http://hermespress.com/products/scratch9-cat-of-nine-worlds), and Executive Outcomes (http://hermespress.com/products/executive-outcomes)! Order them today!

These books are fantastic- and available in limited quantities, so make sure you get them now!

Comic Book Resources interviews historian Trina Robbins, author of the upcoming Babes in Arms!

Comic Book Resources has recently interviewed Trina Robbins, the author of Babes in Arms, about her newest book! Check it out here.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"CBR News: Trina, your new book is about four women who drew comics during WWII -- though these are not the only four women, by any stretch.

Trina Robbins: As you may know -- or maybe you don't know -- as in every other industry the guys who were working in comics who were draft age either enlisted or were drafted. And as in every other industry, women filled their positions. There were more women during World War II working in comic books than there had ever been before. I think possibly because the editors were just smart enough to give them the right work, what they drew and tended to draw were strong, beautiful women who fought the Axis. These are four specific women who definitely, during the war, drew strong beautiful women fighting the Axis. That's "Babes in Arms.""