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The Phantom Avon Vol. 8: The Hydra Monster

The Phantom Avon Vol. 8: The Hydra Monster

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Size: 5.8 x 0.5 x 8.8 inches, 128 pages

Style: Paperback Novel

Description: For the first time ever, the Avon edition of The Phantom is back in print! This exciting installment, Volume 8 offers the tale: "The Hydra Monster!"

Famed artist George Wilson (Dr. SolarMagnus Robot FighterThe Phantom) painted the cover for Volume #7 as he did with all of the covers used for the Avon series, and they are reproduced beautifully to keep all of the details from the original books intact for a new generation of Phans to enjoy!

What is the meaning of HYDRA – a mysterious evil that spans oceans and continents? Who are the black clad men– with V's tattooed on shaven skulls – who appear in the wake of wars, earthquakes, fires, and other catastrophes?

The final mumbled words of a dying man draw the PHANTOM into an amazing web of violence, crime, and murder – the web of THE HYDRA MONSTER.

ISBN: 978-1-61345-146-5

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