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The Adventurous Decade: Comic Strips in the Thirties

Paperback: 208 pages
9" x 12" black and white

Award winning novelist, science fiction writer, and popular culture historian Ron Goulart's definitive book about the classic comic strips of the thirties, long out of print, is getting a new lease on life with Hermes Press' reprint of this groundbreaking book.

While the text of the book, based on interviews with such comic strip luminaries as Noel Sickles, Milton Caniff, Roy Crane, Alfred Andriola, Dick Moore, Mel Graff, Leslie Turner and other important strip artists, remains unchanged—why change a classic?—, The Adventurous Decade has been totally redesigned. Hermes Press' reprint now contains 250 all new illustrations, many taken from rarely seen original artwork, printed on deluxe heavy paper stock with all new illustrations, many taken from rarely seen original artwork.

Now, see beautifully reprouduced examples of work by Roy Crane, Milton Caniff, Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Chester Gould, Fred Harman, Frank Robbins, Noel Sickles, and many, many, more. The book, additionally, has been designed in a 9 inch by 12 inch landscape format to showcase the fabulous artwork from these strips.

For years this book was considered the standard reference for the strips of the 1930s. The Adventurous Decade covers the background and art of such strips as, Flash Gordon,Tarzan, Scorchy Smith, Dick Tracy, Terry and the Pirates, Prince Valiant, The Phantom, Brick Bradford, The Spirit, and Don Winslowt ogether with many seldomly discussed strips such as Bronc Peeler,Tex Thorne, Roy Powers, Dan Dunn and Tailspin Tommy.

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