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Tails: Volume One by Ethan Young

Tails: Volume One by Ethan Young

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Written and Illustrated by Ethan Young

ISBN #1-61345-015-4
128 pages, B&W with color cover, 7.5" x 10" x 1"
original graphic novel

Tails: Volume 1 by Comeback Kings artist Ethan Young—quirky, funny, and surreal, Tails follows the semi-autobiographical exploits of hapless and hopeless hipster cartoonist Ethan. Ethan uses his comic book creation Crusader Cat to get away from the real world...and things get interesting when his escapist work starts to talk back to him. Poignant, funny, and daring, Tails is an unflinching portrait of a believable character as he starts to fall into the abyss of an unbelievable world, with the results ranging from hilarious to heart-breaking.

Published as a black and white hardcover, Tails is the first of a three-volume series recommended for mature readers.

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