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Mandrake the Magician Dailies: Vol. 2 (1936-1938) [Pre-Order]

Mandrake the Magician Dailies: Vol. 2 (1936-1938) [Pre-Order]

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STATUS: At the Printer, expected July/August

Size: 312 Pages,  8 x 1 x 12

Style: Hardback, no dust jacket

Description: Mandrake the Magician began as a daily strip on June 11, 1934, and whether Lee Falk knew it as a sophomore at the University of Illinois, he was making history. The daily strip ended after a 79-year run, and the Sunday strip, which started in 1935, ran for 68 years. Any fan of comic strips is almost certainly familiar with Falk’s other creation, The Phantom, which started in 1936 and continues to this day. 

Mandrake the Magician whisked readers to exotic locales (often fictional amalgams of the Orient, the Middle East, India or Eastern Europe) and immersed them in extended narratives with memorable villains and a colorful support cast. 

Contains stories: Return of the Clay Camel, The Slave Traders of Tygandi, Mandrake in the Lost World, Mandrake in the Lost World, In the Cobra's Grip, and Mandrake in America. 

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