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Ditko Shrugged: The Uncompromising life of the artist behind Spider-Man and the rise of Marvel Comics PRE-ORDER


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Ditko Shrugged: The uncompromising life of the artist behind Spider-Man and the rise of Marvel Comics

Steve Ditko was the last of a sturdy generation of American comic book artists who produced iconic, modern day mythology and was among the most influential and original creators of the 20th Century. A prime architect, together with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, of a universe of heroic characters that took Marvel Comics from an underdog New York publisher in the 1960s to the world-recognized brand of comic book superheroes and multi-million-dollar movies of today, Ditko co-created Spider-Man but walked away from the character he designed over 50 years ago, to never again return to the enduring superhero and retreating completely from the public eye thereafter. Seeking his own individualistic paths for creative and personal expression would lead to condemnation from some, restricted work opportunities from others and a reclusive life peppered with memories of interfering editors; original artwork that had been stolen from him and a life-long adherence to his Objectivist convictions. With the book sourcing a decade-long correspondence between Steve Ditko and its author David Currie, the history of the formative years of American comic books and the rise of Marvel Comics is revealed, illuminated further by interviews with many other comic book creators from all periods. It’s an intrigue-filled story of heroes and villains, both fictional and real; visionary artists on zero-hour contracts and one man’s artistically productive and diligently uncompromising life.


"Comic books could have been a place to seriously examine ideas in fiction and fantasy. Like so many things, it self-destructed”  – Steve Ditko
“Steve Ditko was vital to the creation of Marvel Comics” – Neil Gaiman
“Creation is a word of infinite stretchability” – Roy Thomas

“Wally Wood and Steve Ditko got on well because they shared a mutual hatred of Stan Lee” – Ralph Reese
“I was totally confused when he handed me a single paragraph and expected me to create a 17-page story out of it and, of course, my lefty brain immediately realized that I would be drawing and writing a story without getting paid for both!” – Ramona Fradon
“By 1995, it was clear just how important Marvel’s intellectual property was, whether it was presented in comics or on TV or in the movies or in videogames. It wasn’t playtime anymore” – Danny Fingeroth

ISBN: 978-1-61345-177-9

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