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Dethany and the Other Clique

Hermes Press, a mid-sized publishing company located in New Castle, Pennsylvania celebrates its 20th anniversary with the publication of Bill Holbrook and H.H. Glynn's first graphic novel, Dethany and the Other Clique. This GN is a light-hearted prequel featuring the strip's most popular character, set in a contemporary middle school. Its humor spoofs the restrictiveness of a school’s culture of cliques by taking its social strata to absurd extremes. Upper elementary and middle grades readers will enjoy the laughs along the way and cheer its ultimate celebration of individuality.

Bill Holbrook is the creator of the comic strips “On the Fastrack” and “Safe Havens” which are syndicated by King Features. In 1995 he began a new feature to take advantage of the storytelling possibilities of the online medium— “Kevin & Kell” which is now the Internet’s longest running daily webcomic.

H.H.Glynn is Bill's daughter, and a recent film school graduate who realized that her true (and first) love was drawing and developing characters in fictional worlds. She brings her keen eye--and sharp memory--to creating stories that reflect the joys and conflicts of middle school life.


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