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UPDATE: Garfield and the SDCC

Ladies and's Garfield and friends! For the first time EVER, Jim Davis, the man who created everyone's favorite lasagna-loving feline, is coming to the San Diego Comic Con EXCLUSIVELY with Hermes Press at booth 1821!

You know we're bringing Jim Davis and his fat cat Garfield to the San Diego Comic Con, plus his new book, The Art of Jim Davis' Garfield...well now we can give you all of the details about our panel and our signings!

Jim Davis will be speaking about his amazing cat at our panel at SDCC, and then afterwards will be signing the limited quantities of this very special book! There will also be a special video about the book, as well as a Q&A towards the end of the panel.

Our panel is going to be Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 in Room 5AB in the convention center. Be there or be square!

This will mark Jim Davis' FIRST appearance at SDCC ever- so if you want to meet the man who created's your chance! He will be signing at our booth (#1821) Friday from 2:00-3:00pm, and then from 5:00-7pm. This will be a ticketed event- You MUST come to the Hermes Press booth before each signing to get a ticket! The tickets will be distributed from our booth every day at the con.

Also appearing at our booth is our new Phantom artist Sean Joyce, Scratch9author Rob Worley, and more! Be sure to check out our schedule posted on ourwebsite, as well as live at our booth (#1821) at the con!

The days around counting down, it's almost here! See you at the San Diego Comic Con!

Sabrina Herman
Sabrina Herman


2 Responses

Sabrina Herman
Sabrina Herman

July 26, 2016

Hi Naomi- Sorry we didn’t see this comment! The answer was yes- I hope you got your book and ticket! If not, email me:, and we’ll see what we can do.

Naomi Anderson
Naomi Anderson

July 16, 2016

If I pre-order an Art of Garfield book now, will I still be able to get the signing ticket when I pick it up at SDCC?

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