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San Diego Comic-Con Recap!

We had a lot of fun at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year, and got a lot of work done! Here are some photos of our adventures- we'll have some exciting news to follow regarding one in particular!

Some booth setup at the show!

Noted comics and women's historian Trina Robbins showing off a copy of her new book, Babes in Arms, which debuted at the show.

Scratch9 author Rob Worley made a surprise visit to the show and took the time to pose with our Managing Editor Sabrina! Hi Rob!

Noted voice actor Rob Paulsen was signing at the booth to raise money for Liz Wrightson, the widow of the late Bernie Wrightson. He played Throttle on the show Biker Mice From Mars, with character designs by Bernie.


Phantom artist Sean Joyce came to sign advances of his new Phantom mini-series!


And some exciting news...Hermes Press' publisher Dan Herman is seen here signing a contract with Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, the grand-daughter of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, will be doing at least TWO new projects with Hermes in the future! Welcome to the club Nicky! 


We'll be posting footage of our Bernie Wrightson panel next week, so be sure to look for that on our Facebook page (and here as well!)

Garfield and Bernie Wrightson are coming as exclusives to the San Diego Comic-Con!

Announcing our SDCC Limited Editions

Garfield & Bernie Wrightson: Coming Soon to SDCC!

Jim Davis' Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive Limited Edition

We'll be premiering Jim Davis' Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive, and providing those attending SDCC with a special, limited edition plate, suitable for framing, the comes with this SIGNED (by Jim Davis!) book! This is being offered in an extremely limited quantity, and is available ONLY at the show. You can pre-order online until July 12 to PICK UP at the show (details here).

Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for Gang of Seven Animation

Premiering at Comic-Con: the special limited edition of Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for Gang of Seven Animation Studio. Marvel at concept drawings, model sheets, and hundreds of designs for projects including Biker Mice From Mars, The Juice, and Freak Show.  All of the artwork in this book has been scanned directly from the original artwork so fans can savior Wrightson’s genius up close and personal.  

Extremely limited quantity – only 100 made!  We will have a limited quantity up for pre-purchase on our site, for pickup at the show, so make sure to reserve yours today!

This limited edition variant has a colored cover and a special "download card" that will include a never-before-seen video (Change for a Dollar) from one of the unpublished stories that Bernie worked on.

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If you haven't ordered it yet, we recently received The Phantom Dailies Volume 11

Pre-order Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio- featuring never-before-seen artwork!

If you love cats, make sure to grab a copy of The Art of Jim Davis' GARFIELD! It's purrfectly sized for the discerning Garfield fan! Or pre-order the limited edition Jim Davis’ Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive

Also, coming soon (we mean it! you've seen the advances!) Trina Robbin's Babes in Arms or Frank Thorne's Battling Beauties!

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June 13, 2017


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A Note from our Publisher on the passing of Adam West

“These are the good old days.” — Carly Simon from Anticipation


Every generation looks back on its youth and remembers “the good old days.” Part of it is nostalgia for what “was” as opposed to “what is.” But as the quote cited above points out, each generation will always look back and have the same hankering for things past. For me, the good old days are now known as the “swingin’ 60s.” This period was an extremely complex time in American history — it was the culmination of the “baby boom;” it was a decade of unbridled optimism; of experimentation; and exploration. The 1960s ended with an escalation of the Vietnam War, the deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the election of Tricky Dick, and of the United States landing on the moon.

Then there was the Batman TV show.

On Saturday it was announced that an actor who was indelibly tied to that era, and the aforesaid TV show, had passed away: Adam West.

I won’t type the theme song: if you grew up during the show’s run on ABC you can hear it in your head. To my generation Batman was not the dark knight, he was the “caped crusader,” who fought nefarious kinda-evil villains with straight-laced propriety and good humor. Contrary to the assertion that Batman was a parody, it wasn’t. It was surreal. I just finished watching random episodes of the show, in memoriam to West, and they still hold up. Batman is more than a period piece; it is an exercise in style with West as its master of ceremonies.

The show, which was shown on Wednesday and Thursday nights, got every kid’s attention and led to every word having “Bat” added to it, “…same Bat-time; same Bat-channel.” Batman became a national craze far overshadowing its comic book source material. The show also led to an increase in comic book sales and lots and lots of imitators.

Batman was so popular that when Gemini 8 spun out of control and ultimately had to make an emergency landing, the network regularly interrupting with news bulletins that cut in on part one of the first Catwoman episode, switchboards at ABC lit up with complaints.

The star and focal point of the show was West, despite memorable casting of such seasoned character actors as Cesar Romero (The Joker), Burgess Meredith (The Penguin), George Sanders (Mr. Freeze), and Vincent Price (Egghead). Lest we not forget Julie Newmar (The Catwoman) and Frank Gorshin (The Riddler).

Adam West’s career was dominated by his three season stint on Batman, an association he ultimately embraced with stout good humor. For those of us growing up during the show’s run, it was a bright, fun, hip, unforgettable part of the decade, something to look back on with a smile, thanks to the efforts of Mr. West. These were our good old days; for those reading this who grew up later, may yours be as memorable.



An Interview with Sean Joyce

  1. How has it been, working on The Phantom? Any surprises, or did you know what you were getting into with a character with so much history?


  It's been both a great pleasure and equally challenging endeavor to work on the Phantom so far.  It's great because the Phantom is the original costumed comic hero and being so his ambiance and presents is replete with that stature. There is for me a tacit awareness of that specialness; there is a inescapable power that the Phantom has as a non super power super hero which he imbues. It has been a bit difficult understanding some of the mysterious repercussions of his mythological qualities like not being able to make eye contact when he is dressed as Kit; even the audience!


  1. How did you prepare for doing a whole comic book series versus a storyboard or a painting?


  I prepared by studying the Phantom artist antecedents that have succeeded at drawing the Phantom so well in the past. Jim Aparo and Don Newton are my favorites. I studied the styles of my favorite comic artists from the 60s Kirby and Buscema and Frazetta. wanting the work to have a period, anachronistic aspect rather than it seeming contemporary. I collected photos of characters that resembled the various persons in the story. And I engaged in a daily drawing practice regiment on top of drawing the comic. It's tantamount to piano practice. Lots of repetition of ideal forms like scales.   


  1. You did traditional art prior to this, and so how has working on the first issue changes your perspective on the comic industry (if at all)?


This was my 1st comic so a lot was very new to me. I worked in the film industry for many years in animation and storyboarding at Bakshi and Disney Prod. as well as special effects designing and Matte painting at ILM so many parts of this art form are familiar to me. But the attention to detail and the diversity of skills needed is very challenging. One must not only be a character designer they must be a Production designer as well as a costume, and set designer as well as a Lighting director and cinematographer and Director. And the pace is at times feverish. It's the most challenging art job I've ever undertaken.


  1. What was the most challenging aspect of working on the project so far?


The most challenging aspect of working on this comic or any comic it to keep the strength of the drawing at it's apex. Also with a period piece like this the need for this plethora of necessary and appropriate detail is very engaging and difficult to say the least. 


  1. Who has (so far) been your favorite character to draw? Least favorite?


My favorite character to draw is usually one of the female antagonists. But of course I love to draw the Phantom! but I have especially enjoyed drawing Kit Walker. I really like to make him very handsome; so It was hard not to be able to show his eyes. Sexy girls good or bad, are my favorite to draw though.


  1. What software do you use for drawing? Or are you a pencils and inks guy, in which case what type of hardware do you prefer?


I don't use any software at all. I'm an aesthetic luddite.  So all I use is a pencil and not even a mechanical one. I use a Ticonderoga F pencil, boxes and boxes of them; with and old 1969 mechanical pencil sharpener.


  1. Are any of your women you've drawn in this based on real cheesecake? If so, who?


I love the pin-up girls from the 50s. I like the Monroe figure. So all my girls are a bit curvy. I like the Gabor sisters too. Hollywood makes all their girls too thin for me. Mel Brook's governor character in Blazing Saddles William J. Le Petomane's busty red headed secretary in Blazing Saddles is my ideal woman to draw.  


  1. Any comments to the Phans?


As to the Phans. I'm just beginning to get my grip on the style and look and impact I'm striving for. I'm working diligently to enhance and maximize the power and beauty of the characters I'm creating. So if I've done well enough so far the very much better is yet on the way.    


Coming soon from Hermes Press: Ron Goulart and Sean Joyce's The Phantom!


The Phantom: President Kennedy's Mission

The year is 1962, and the Phantom returns once again in a new adventure! There’s a possible world war with Russia looming on the horizon, and newly minted President John F. Kennedy calls upon his old friend Kit Walker for help – let the action and intrigue begin! Learn how Kit first met JFK during his service in PT-109.

In this all-new Phantastic adventure, veteran Phantom script writer Ron Goulart returns with artist Sean Joyce, a new comer to the Phantom and to comic books, but no newcomer to the art world! Joyce is best known as one of Hollywood's most talented matte painters and storyboard artists, and he is lending his talents to comics for the first time, to bring The Phantom to life in this exciting new adventure!

This five book story arc (each issue to be released every month and a half) has something for every Phan- history with JFK, Russian femme fatales, espionage, lost U.S. astronauts on a secret mission, Singh pirates, and, of course The Phantom, Diana, and Devil!

Journey back to the swingin’ 1960s with The Phantom! Issue one boasts three original covers and one virgin variant.  Don't miss out!

Cover #1 was drawn by Scott Brooks, cover 1a and 1b was drawn by Sean Joyce.




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Jim Davis’ Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive

ISBN: 978-1-61345-133-5; $95; Archival reprint — using the rare original art printed in full color (to show blue and red pencil indications, white out, and production details unseen in the printed strips) compilation of the Garfield daily and Sunday strips by Jim Davis; Introductory essay by Jim Davis; 12x16 inches; 144 pages; hardcover; all color; endleaves; limited edition has a special dust jacket (different from the regular edition) as well as a specially prepared signed plate Jim Davis is doing just for this book; limited to 125 Diamond Previews Exclusive only.

Hermes Press is proud to announce their second major collaboration with Paws, Incorporated producing another unique title featuring everyone’s favorite orange cat, GARFIELD! Hermes and Paws have come together to treat the world to a compendium of the greatest examples of original artwork from classic Garfield daily and Sunday comic strips in their original size, including rare unpublished material, that has never been seen before (the Sunday strips will be reproduced in a slightly smaller format due to their huge size)!

This historic archival reprint will feature hundreds of pieces of original production art from the comic strip, with an introductory essay from Jim Davis himself! If you love Garfield and want to experience the strips as they were originally drawn, this is the book for you! From the very beginning in 1979 to the last non-digital strip in 2011, this purrfect book shows you Garfield like you’ve never seen him before!

Jim Davis’ Garfield: The Original Daily and Sunday Art Archive dives deep into the treasures contained in the vaults of Paws, Inc. See how Garfield has evolved over the years! See gags with characters that no longer appear in the strip (We miss you Lyman!) in the original inks, with notations galore from the man behind it all, Jim Davis! Garfield, Odie, and the rest of the gang come to life in this full-sized archival reprint.


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December 22, 2016


Happy Holidays from all of us at Hermes Press! Get 35% off your entire order starting December 25 to December 29! Use code HERMES2016 at checkout!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Hermes Press!

Get 35% off your entire order starting December 25 to December 29! Use code HERMES2016 at checkout!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Hermes Press!


It's been a great year, and we'd like to share some highlights with our fans! We've come out with a lot of great titles this year, starting in January 2016 with Alex Raymond: An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance. It's such a beautiful book, and a personal favorite of our publisher Dan Herman.


We also added to our reprint line with Mandrake the Magician The Complete King Years: Volume TwoThe Phantom the Complete Newspaper Dailies and Sundays: Volume TenWalt Kelly's Pogo: the Complete Dell Comics Volume Four, and many other great books! You should check them out!


Our BIG adventure this year was having the wonderful Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, come to the San Diego Comic-Con and premier his amazing book, The Art of Jim Davis' Garfield! We did a signed and numbered limited edition (with some copies still available) and a regular edition, both of which we loved working on!


We also continued to produce the art book for the Infected by Art series of books, our most recent being Volume Four.


And (finally!) we printed The Phantom: Danger in the Forbidden City, the culmination of our Peter David and Sal Velluto six volume series! And, of course, we recently announced that we'd be reprinting all 15 Phantom Avon pocket books, with Volume One being out already and Volume Two coming in January 2016!


We have plenty of books and other great stuff coming next year, so stay tuned!


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