Happy New Year from everyone at Hermes Press!

All new pre-orders up from Hermes Press!

We've got some great new pre-orders up, so make sure to grab them today!

As we're sure you know, The Phantom Avon Volume 2 just came out...but we're on a roll, so pre-order Volume 3 and Volume today!

For all those Jim Aparo fans...the time is upon you! Pre-order The Complete Jim Aparo Charlton Phantom, available soon for the first time ever in one hardbound edition!

We're also excited to announce our newest reprint: Sky Masters of the Space Force: the Complete Dailies 1958-1961! This exciting series was drawn by Jack Kirby, Wallace Wood, and Dick Ayers- pre-order your copy today!

And while we're announcing cool new items...We have a new graphic novel we're printing! These Machines Are Winning Presents: Slaves for Gods is our newest graphic novel, written by Jason Godi, Dylan Silvers, and Ryan Hartsell; art by Aaron Minier. Pre-order this sci-fi thriller today!

Be sure to check back to our website regularly for more exciting news! We've got some great stuff coming up soon!

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December 22, 2016


Happy Holidays from all of us at Hermes Press! Get 35% off your entire order starting December 25 to December 29! Use code HERMES2016 at checkout!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Hermes Press!

Get 35% off your entire order starting December 25 to December 29! Use code HERMES2016 at checkout!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from all of us at Hermes Press!


It's been a great year, and we'd like to share some highlights with our fans! We've come out with a lot of great titles this year, starting in January 2016 with Alex Raymond: An Artistic Journey: Adventure, Intrigue and Romance. It's such a beautiful book, and a personal favorite of our publisher Dan Herman.


We also added to our reprint line with Mandrake the Magician The Complete King Years: Volume TwoThe Phantom the Complete Newspaper Dailies and Sundays: Volume TenWalt Kelly's Pogo: the Complete Dell Comics Volume Four, and many other great books! You should check them out!


Our BIG adventure this year was having the wonderful Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, come to the San Diego Comic-Con and premier his amazing book, The Art of Jim Davis' Garfield! We did a signed and numbered limited edition (with some copies still available) and a regular edition, both of which we loved working on!


We also continued to produce the art book for the Infected by Art series of books, our most recent being Volume Four.


And (finally!) we printed The Phantom: Danger in the Forbidden City, the culmination of our Peter David and Sal Velluto six volume series! And, of course, we recently announced that we'd be reprinting all 15 Phantom Avon pocket books, with Volume One being out already and Volume Two coming in January 2016!


We have plenty of books and other great stuff coming next year, so stay tuned!


Remember, when you're checking out, use code HERMES2016 to get 35% off! What are you waiting for?

Interview: Publisher Dan Herman speaks on Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat!

Westfield Comics recently conducted an interview with Hermes Press publisher Dan Herman on our new  Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat...Check it out and make sure to pre-order your copy today! http://tinyurl.com/glupyse

Brenda Starr for Christmas? You bet!

We've made it on quite a few Christmas lists this year...Check out the Rebateszone's list of Christmas ideas for 2016, and pick up a copy of Brenda Starr today!


Ed Catto's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

Ed Catto, a marketing strategist with a specialty in Pop Culture, has once again come out with his Holiday Gift Guide, and Hermes made the list! Check out all of the titles he LOVED, from Zorro: The Complete Dell Pre-Code Comics to The Phantom: The Complete Avon Books Volume 1, both available now!


Check out the complete list here!

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WE HAVE ARRIVED! It's Black Friday, and we'd like to share our bounty withyou!

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Book Review: Walt Kelly's Pogo Volume's One and Two

Check out this great review of the Eisner Nominated Walt Kelly's Pogo Volume One and Two from the Washington Times!

Read it here.

Check out the rest of Walt Kelly's works, available from Hermes Press!

Black Friday Sale!!!!! COMING SOON!

Black Friday is almost here from Hermes Press! View full article →
November 14, 2016


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Coming Soon: Black Friday 2016!

Just as an FYI to our loyal customers...We'll be having a HUGE sale Black Friday and Cyber Monday...Get your wallets ready!
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