First look at the Phantom Issue #4 cover!

For the first time ever, check out the NEW Sal Velluto cover of the Phantom Issue #4, due out next month! 

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A very nice cover , reminds the cover that sy Barry used to draw. Great work by sal valluto


Good to see #4 is on the way. These issues always seem like they are so far apart!

I must compliment you, though, on how much more quickly the Phantom daillies hardcovers have been coming out! For a while there it seemed like the series wouldn’t see print in my lifetime. Please keep ‘em coming! I got just this morning a message from Amazon stating #9 is due to be shipped at the end of the month. I haven’t seen anything in your posts about the book yet, so tell me, is it really this close to being out? I’m ready for you to be soliciting #10!

Mojo Marklin

Best phantom cover seen after a long long time great eagerly awaiting the fourth issue to come out


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