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Sparrow and Crowe #2: The Demoniac of Los Angeles

Art by Jared Souza, Script by David Accampo and Jeremy Rogers

The second book in a five book story arc, Sparrow and Crowe: The Demoniac of Los Angeles is one of the hottest new titles of 2012. Sparrow and Crowe, the spin-off of the successful Wormwood audio drama podcast, offers everything: dark mystery, suspenseful plot twists, humor, and non-stop action.

Issue #2 will open the curtain on the dark secret of the demon Adramelech, and the pain he has brought to Doctor Xander Crowe! Now the evil Assyrian spirit has returned to play another "game" with Crowe, and this time he has possessed the daughter of Los Angeles mob boss Don Marino. Caught between Hell and the mob, Crowe is forced to rely on Sparrow to find a special artifact known as the Ring of Solomon. But can Sparrow find the ring before Amanda Marino escapes her bonds and wreaks havoc at the Marino estate?

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