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November 12, 2018

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A Tip of the Ole Hat to Stan the Man

By Publisher Dan Herman

About twenty minutes ago I got a call from our Managing Editor, Sabrina, who is always upbeat, but from her tone of voice I immediately knew something had happened. “What’s wrong?” I enquired,” And the answer came back, “Stan Lee just passed away.”

Although Stan was 95 and had just gone through some very trying times, for some illogical, silly reason I never thought he would die. There are many opinions about Stan the Man; stories about who did what, what Jack Kirby did, who should get credit for a story, character, or idea, but it’s undeniable that without Stan the Silver Age never would have had the power and impact that it did and still does.

I won’t use this brief memoriam to reflect on Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The X-Men, Thor, or the many other titles he worked on. The arguments and debates about the era will never end but for those of us who love comics, and count me among them, Stan was a very vital, and visible part of the Silver Age of comics. He will never be equaled. So, to Stan, wherever he may be now, Excelsior!