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Coming soon: Frank Thorne's Lann!

Coming soon: Frank Thorne's Lann!


Move over Barbarella, here comes Lann!

While Frank Thorne is known primarily for his works Ghita (with a deluxe arrival reprint by Hermes Press in 2017 and Volume 2 coming in 2019) and Red Sonja, he also created the sexy cyber heroine Lann!


Bursting from the pages of Heavy Metal back in the 80s, the sexy dark haired super-spy Lann with her droid Glitch and Shard go on some exciting space adventures! Fresh from her recent rejuvenation treatment, Lann and her companions are sent on a mission to find two kidnapped girls from Neon-Six. The new adventure is filled with bed-hopping, zap guns, space ships, anatomically detailed robots, and lots and lots of sex!

This is a great X-rated space opera- Barbarella meets Blade Runner! Come along for the ride.

This deluxe limited edition is limited to 1,000 copies! It will also contain a historical essay and never before seen Frank Thorne art!

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November 27, 2017


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First Look: Frank Thorne's Battling Beauties

Frank Thorne’s Battling Beauties, with interviews by Howard Leroy Davis; ISBN# 978-1-61345-103-8; Definitive monograph covering the strong and sexy women from the fertile mind of Frank Thorne through a lengthy series of interviews; full color; over 500 illustrations; 9 x 12 inches; deluxe hardcover; 192 pages; $60.

Hermes Press celebrates the career of Frank Thorne, renowned good girl artist extraordinaire with a comprehensive art monograph exploring the art of the women he created during his extensive career. See pencils, preliminaries, final artwork, as well as the comics created by Thorne, focusing on his cheesecake creations. This extensive art monograph presents artwork from such titles as Red Sonja, Ghita, Lann, The Iron Devil, and more. This book explores not only the comic book artwork of Thorne, but also illustrates the motion pictures concepts and storyboards for the never-made Ghita film.

Additionally this book also provides a lengthy discussion by Thorne accompanied by hundreds of examples of how to draw “beautiful women.”

If you love the artwork of Frank Thorne, and you love sexy women, this is the book for you. But there's more — Hermes Press is further celebrating Frank Thorne’s career with the release of archival editions, scanned from the original artwork, of Ghita in two full sized volumes, so stay tuned.