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This just in: The Phantom Dailies Volume 13 and DC Comics Before Superman!

This just in:

 The Phantom Dailies Volume 13 and DC Comics Before Superman!

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Our publisher Dan Herman did an in depth promo of this book last month, check it out!
And make sure to pick up the other books in the series today! Volume 14 is up for pre-order!
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SDCC 2018 Photo Recap!

Here are a few photos of our time at San Diego! It was great to see everyone, and we look forward to even more amazing projects to premiere next year!


Above: The yearly staff "family photo," including some of our new posters in the background!

Above: Trina Robbins showing off her Babes in Arms, and Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson with her new book, DC Comics Before Superman!

Above: All of our current Phantom Avon novels, (V1-8), along with our Sal Velluto Phantom comics.

Above: Nicky and Trina during a signing of their books

Above: Our in-progress booth setup before the show starts!

Above: Publisher Dan Herman, author Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, and Managing Editor Sabrina Herman at SDCC!