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Master illustrator Joe Sinnott’s career in comic books spans over 40 years. While he is best known for being the premier inker at Marvel Comics, his star began to rise in the early 1950s at Timely as he penciled and inked a wide variety of artistic genres ranging from Western to horror, science fiction, supernatural-fantasy - and yes - superheroes. He moved over to Charlton Comics, Treasure Chest, and Dell for a time, but he eventually worked for Stan Lee at Marvel.


His star would only rise from there when his inks graced the pencils of legendary artists Jack Kirby, John Buscema and John Romita. He helped to bring about the Marvel Age when he inked Kirby on the Fantastic Four titles. Over the next quarter century,  he inked all of Marvel’s major characters and worked with most of the artists in their stable. Even after retiring from comics in 1992, Joe continues to this very day to ink Spider-Man, Marvel’s most famous character.


This extensive spotlight on Sinnott’s career and artwork encompasses all aspects of his work, and is illustrated with over two hundred examples of Sinnott’s original art, from his work in the Golden Age of comics, through his work on the Beatles, to his inking of some of the great moments in the Marvel Universe. 


Come discover this master illustrator, who at times has been overshadowed by others - but never outdone!