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Buck Rogers: The Western Publishing Years, Volume One

7.5 by 10 by 1.25 inches
full color; deluxe hardcover with dustjacket and printed cover with endpapers
192 pages
historical essay

Reprints issues #1 through #7; reprints the Buck Rogers movie/TV tie-in comic books and the 1964 stand alone Gold Key issue; artwork by Frank Bolle, Al McWilliams and Ray Bailey; stories by Paul Newman

The television tie-in comic books to the cult sci-fi classic Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, starring Gil Gerard, Erin Gray and Twiki return in a complete collection. Relive these classic adventures with Buck, Wilma, Dr. Huer, and Princess Ardala. Fans of the show will finally be able to re-read these adventures in a deluxe hardcover collection with tons of extras including rare publicity photos, movie posters, and much more. As a bonus, Gold Key issue #1, published in 1964, will also be included in this volume.

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