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January 04, 2016


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Book Update: New Shipment! The Phantom Dailies Volume 9!

We have just received the complete shipment of The Phantom The Complete Series: The Dailies Volume 9. Any pre-orders will be shipped ASAP, and the rest of the bulk are en route to our distributor.

If you haven't ordered it yet...what are you waiting for? Get in on the action!

Video Promo: Mandrake the Magician The Complete King Years: Volume One

Publisher Daniel Herman gives details about Hermes Press's newest title – Mandrake the Magician The Complete The King Years: Volume One.

First Look: Mandrake the Magician: The Complete King Years Volume 2

Here's the first look at the second volume of Mandrake the Magician: The Complete Series The King Years! We want everyone to know how excited we are about Volume 1- We couldn't even wait to show you Volume 2!

Video Promo: The Phantom Dailies Volume 9

Check out this video of publisher Daniel Herman giving an in-depth look at the newest addition to the Phantom Dailies, Volume 9! Herman also discusses several upcoming projects in this video, so check it out!

Book Update: Advance copies of Phantom Dailies Vol 9

Hermes Press just received the advance shipment of The Phantom: The Complete Dailies Volume 9! That means that the rest of the shipment will be arriving in the U.S. shortly, so make sure to get your pre-order in today! Click the image today to order yours!

Book Update! New Pre-Orders for The Phantom!

We have just added two NEW pre-orders to the site– The Phantom The Complete Series: The Charlton Years Volume 5, and The Phantom The Complete Sundays: Volume 3 1945-1949. Be sure to order a copy today to make sure you get yours as fast as possible! Click the respective images to order!

Website Update! Get your books while they're hot!

We have updated the website! Now available for pre-order: Johnny Hazard The Newspaper Dailies Volume 4! And now available to order: The Phantom: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 8! Click on either of the images to go to their product page.

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