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Announcement: Thomas Andrae Joins Hermes Press as Special Projects Editor: his first book to be an archival reprint of Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat

Internationally recognized pop-culture historian, Dr. Thomas Andrae is joining Hermes Press as a Special Projects Editor. Andrae has authored such books as Carl Barks and the Disney Comic Book, Creators of the Superheroes, and is co-author of such titles as Walt Kelly: the Life and Art of the Creator of Pogo and Batman and Me (with Bob Kane).

He will supervise the creation of a series of archival reprints of important Golden Age comics by some of the medium's greatest creators. His first project will be an in-depth reprint of Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat comics. Between 1948 and 1951, Kelly drew thirty-five issues of The Adventures of Peter Wheat, a sixteen page comic book given away to bakeries to promote Peter Wheat bread. The stories were fairy tales starring Peter Wheat, an elf-sized boy who lived in a hollow tree on the edge of a wheat field where he and the Little Folk battle Dragonel, Queen of the Hornets.

While created with kids in mind the mythology spun in these stories is timeless. “Coupled with Kelly's incredible artwork, this series of stories, which run in arcs, are indispensable in Walt Kelly's canon of work,” commented Andrae.

Expect to see Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat available in bookstores all over the world in late October 2016.

Video Promo: The Phantom #5 comic book

Check out this video from publisher Dan Herman as he explains what's awesome in our newest comic, the Phantom #5, coming soon to a comic shop near you!

Pre-order today at http://hermes-press.myshopify.com/produ…/phantom-5-pre-order

Award Nomination: Scratch9 Cat of Nine Worlds!

Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds has been nominated for the prestigious Cybils Awards in the "Graphic Novels Elementary/Middle" category!


Video Promo: Brenda Starr Pre-Code Volume 2

Publisher Dan Herman tells you all about our Brenda Starr Pre-Code Volume Two in this new video. 

Pre-order the book here: http://tinyurl.com/q2dxfo9

Digital Comics Update! The Phantom #4

If you haven't ordered your physical copy or can't wait to read the newest installment in our Phantom comic, make sure to download a copy from Comixology today! 

Order it and subscribe to the the series at Comixology: http://tinyurl.com/q9wdf37

Comic Update: New Shipments!

We have recently received the bulk shipment for The Phantom Issue #4 and for Walt Kelly's Pogo Volume 3. If you have pre-ordered these from us, they will be shipping shortly! 

First look at the Phantom Issue #4 cover!

For the first time ever, check out the NEW Sal Velluto cover of the Phantom Issue #4, due out next month! 

New Books: Get them while they're hot!

If you haven't ordered yet- Get them while they're hot! Our newest items: The Psychedelic Rock Art of Carl Lundgren (http://hermespress.com/…/the-psychedelic-rock-art-of-carl-l…), Scratch9 Cat of Nine Worlds (http://hermespress.com/products/scratch9-cat-of-nine-worlds), and Executive Outcomes (http://hermespress.com/products/executive-outcomes)! Order them today!

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May 28, 2015


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Phantom #3 Promotional Information!

Make sure to check out this video of publisher Dan Herman discussing the newest chapter in our Phantom library!


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