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Bernie Wrightson Art Book Signing

Recently Tom Tataranowicz of Gang of 7 Animation organized an awesome signing of his book Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for the Gang of Seven Animation at the Dark Delicacies  bookshop in Burbank, CA. Tom sent us some wonderful photos of the event!

Photo: Tom T with the various signed plates from actors and artists who worked with Bernie Wrightson during his career, and copies of the Bernie Wrightson Book

Photo: From left: Steve Gordon (director, X-Men Evolution), Tom T, and Rich Arons (directorAnimaniacs).

Bernie Wrightson, comic book artist and illustrator extraordinaire has worked creating comic books, illustration, and conceptual design for film.  His impressive list of work includes the co-creation of Swamp Thing, illustrating Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and, of course, working on dozens of comic book titles. 

     Wrightson’s extensive design work for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio, while known, has never been documented until now with the creation of this new in-depth monograph that utilizes the archives of the studio.  Marvel at concept drawings, model sheets, and hundreds of designs for projects including Biker Mice From Mars, The Juice, and Freak Show.  All of the artwork in this book has been scanned directly from the original artwork so fans can savior Wrightson’s genius up close and personal.           

       Also included in this monograph is an introductory essay, an in-depth interview, and photographs taken during his tenure as an associate partner of the studio.


For more information about the Gang of 7 Animation, visit


November 27, 2017


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San Diego Comic-Con Recap!

We had a lot of fun at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year, and got a lot of work done! Here are some photos of our adventures- we'll have some exciting news to follow regarding one in particular!

Some booth setup at the show!

Noted comics and women's historian Trina Robbins showing off a copy of her new book, Babes in Arms, which debuted at the show.

Scratch9 author Rob Worley made a surprise visit to the show and took the time to pose with our Managing Editor Sabrina! Hi Rob!

Noted voice actor Rob Paulsen was signing at the booth to raise money for Liz Wrightson, the widow of the late Bernie Wrightson. He played Throttle on the show Biker Mice From Mars, with character designs by Bernie.


Phantom artist Sean Joyce came to sign advances of his new Phantom mini-series!


And some exciting news...Hermes Press' publisher Dan Herman is seen here signing a contract with Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, the grand-daughter of Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, will be doing at least TWO new projects with Hermes in the future! Welcome to the club Nicky! 


We'll be posting footage of our Bernie Wrightson panel next week, so be sure to look for that on our Facebook page (and here as well!)